Market Entry Research


Market Entry Research

Businesses today are increasingly operating internationally as they seek growth opportunities, new partnerships, and expanded clientele in emerging and frontier markets. But without the right risk mitigation strategies, the volatile political, social, economic, and regulatory environments associated with these markets present new risks that could threaten an organization’s reputation, operations, and profitability.

GRA excels at assisting ambitious organizations in building profitable ventures in uncharted and challenging markets. We detect unexploited opportunities in existing markets and discover unfulfilled demand in new ones. By supplementing our unique methodology of intelligence collection and rigorous analysis with our extensive regional knowledge and worldwide network of on-the-ground contacts, GRA analysts are able to deliver comprehensive risk assessments of markets in every geographic region.

GRA’s holistic and comprehensive market entry research solutions provide our clients with the data and analysis necessary to mitigate risks and ensure the best chances of success in new markets. As part of our research, GRA evaluates a broad array of critical factors, including:

  • Legal and regulatory systems
  • Specialized intermediaries
  • Contract enforcement mechanisms
  • Physical infrastructure
  • Corporate governance
  • Political leadership transition
  • Economic forecasts
  • Social media intelligence
  • Potential barriers to entry


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