Organizations of all sizes are increasingly interacting with a greater number of entities during the course of their daily business. Transactions occur more swiftly than ever before, exposing businesses to increased risk and making them more vulnerable to instability. GRA provides tailored, discreet, and timely risk advisory services that enable our clients to move assertively in foreign, emerging, and frontier markets. We provide a complete picture of the risk landscape—whether an individual due diligence assignment or a holistic market research report—so our clients can craft effective competitive strategies and make smart decisions to ensure long-term growth.

Our risk advisory teams take an all-source approach to client projects. We combine open-source research, proprietary databases, and human intelligence to form insights that are unrivaled in the advisory community. We apply a unique methodology to our projects, developed from decades of work in the US intelligence community and private sector. With GRA, you can be confident you’re getting relevant and timely information that is tailored to your specific business objectives.


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