Pioneering Military Training


Providing full-spectrum training support


When the world’s premiere special operations units require realistic, challenging training in unfamiliar environments, they need to focus on their operational requirements and the training itself while having someone else handle all of the coordination and execution. In order to do this, they require support from seasoned professionals who can support their needs by handling all aspects of coordination and planning thus offering a “turnkey” solution to training and operational requirements.


One of the world’s elite special operations forces required support to conduct a realistic pre-mission training exercise. The unit desired to focus their efforts on the training itself rather than the numerous planning and coordination required to execute.


The client needed a “turnkey” solution to support their realistic pre-mission training exercise. GRA Maven’s team of experts were hired to provide full-spectrum support. With minimum input from the client, the Maven team procured housing, conducted training area coordination with local and state authorities, provided role-players and established an exercise control group. The exercise was tailored to fit the needs of the client and spanned across several major U.S. cities. All logistical aspects were provided by GRA Maven including access to unique venues, vehicles, and personnel requirement to create a challenging scenario to meet the clients training outcomes.


The event met all of the clients training requirements and better prepared them for their upcoming mission. By being freed of the burden of conducting all of the required planning and coordination, the unit was able to focus their attention on training their soldiers rather than coordinating all the numerous back side requirements. The unit capabilities vastly increased ensuring readiness.


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